How to Change the active Theme from Database

It sometimes does happen that the active WordPress theme breaks down and it does not allow you to login to the dashboard to change the theme. In such situations, the active WordPress theme can be changed from the Database using the phpMyadmin interface. All you have to do in such a situation is to login… Read More »

Block SEO tools bots from finding your backlinks

The current and most common SEO practice to improve your SERP is to compare your website with the link profile of your competition and find out where you are lacking.Auditing your competition’s backlink profile is THE best SEO strategy to adopt as of today. All one has to do is find out those links that… Read More »

WordPress releases the Twenty Fifteen Theme

With the Christmas and New year 2015 approaching, WordPress makes no delay with the release of the much awaited 2015 WordPress today.The Twenty Fifteen theme requires WordPress version 4.1 running to be able to work and it is pushed by default with the 4.1 WP update today. The new version has some awesome features including… Read More »

Top 50 Australian Citation Listing Websites

Citations are exact appearances of the business name combined with their physical addresses as listed in the website and Google local map listings. These citations need only be plain text and in the exact format without even a link to the website. From our recent research it is evident that local citations play a huge… Read More »

How to Execute Short Codes in Template Code files

Shortcodes will work fine on blog posts, pages and widgets but will fail to execute when used within code areas like template files like index.php, footer.php, header.php etc. To get them working, it is very easy, simply go ahead and use the below format – WordPress will execute the shortcode as expected. SOURCE: <?php echo… Read More »

Your Social Media Profiles after your Death?

Its interesting to see what happens to your social media accounts after you are gone! I found the below infographic very interesting and thought provoking, which made me share the same here! Interesting that even though if you aren’t around, your profile can still do things for you! As its just you not taking the internet… Read More »

Contact form 7 Not Redirecting to Thank you Page?

A simple two step method and fix for the issue you might be facing because you are using a custom or 3rd party WordPress Theme. The contact form on submission does not redirect to the thank you page you have created. The simple fix is that you need to navigate and edit the funtions.php file… Read More »

Is it Better to Use a Pipe or Dash in Page Titles?

The pipe ( | ), is a search engine operator that tells the search algorithms that the phrases on either side are it are of equal importance.When a string of words in a tag are evaluated, the first word inherits the highest weight, the last word the lowest and the steps are determined by how… Read More »

How to get unused Twitter Handle URLs for you

Often when you work hard creating a new brand and brand name, you eventually end up discovering the exact brand’able Twitter handle or username is already registered and remain dormant. The handle might be with a inactive Twitter user which might be of great value for you but alas! Twitter has been trying hard to identify… Read More »

Authorship Creeping into Google Search Algorithm

Even though this tool is in its Beta Stages, my understanding of how it works is it should be calculating the authorship ranks based on various aspects like the metrics of the website the author writes for including Majestic Trust Flow, Citation Flow, Moz Domain and page authority, Google Page rank etc. and deriving an… Read More »